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2 November 2008

Stuff 20081102

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Click on the Above Link to read this week’s “Stuff”

Hello Family and Friends:

Another Sunday…


…some Stuff that Seemed Interesting at the Time…

…though admittedly focused at the Presidential election – nothing else seems so important right now – and I’m worried, very worried, for this country…

…promise, after the election I’ll get back to more eclectic stuff…

All the best…


stuff table of contents

This week our curiosity brings us to:

stuff that seemed interesting at the time   1

stuff table of contents  1

reminder on stuff  2

quick thoughts on “stuff” after 4 nov 08  2

america, please don’t do this to ourselves stuff  2

dear mr obama – a veterans message stuff  3

understanding obama: the making of a fuehrer stuff – part 1  5

fair plumbing act stuff  9

beer and a better understanding of obamanomics stuff  10

downsizing in the comrade hussein era stuff  11

joe the plumber in historical perspective  12

comrade hussein discovers wealth distribution stuff  12

man applying for a job story – does it remind you of anyone stuff  13

twas the night before election stuff  16

a black man speaks on obama stuff  17

understanding obama: the making of a fuehrer stuff – part 2  21

bearack obama stuff  23

so who does the military want for their commander in chief stuff  24

why i am voting democrat stuff  24

where has all of comrade hussein’s information gone stuff  25

understanding obama: the making of a fuehrer stuff – part 3  26

true american  stuff  33

final thought stuff  34

explanatory – yet poignant – disclaimer  35



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