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7 September 2008

Stuff 20080907

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Hello Family and Friends:

…another Sunday…


…some Stuff that Seemed Interesting at the Time…

All the best…


stuff table of contents

This week our curiosity brings us to:

stuff that seemed interesting at the time   1

stuff table of contents  1

quick comments on this week’s stuff  2

reminder on stuff  2

the gipper has returned – in drag – stuff  2

Wow, What a Week! 2

Win-Win-Win-Win Scenario in the Making. 3

Ronald Reagan in a Dress. 3

What is Next 4

Barack Hussein Obama – the Savior of Socialism – and Voting Present 5

Bottom Line, It is Now Time! 5

who is sarah palin – a primer stuff  6

ted nugent on palin – an old rocker speaks stuff  9

Sarah Palin Is My Girl 9

Motor City Madman on the 2nd Amendment 11

sara palin – the future of conservatism stuff  11

who is sarah palin from a resident stuff  14

neal boortz and muslim call on muslim outrage stuff  16

media hypocrisy – do you know the pelosi kids stuff  17

newt gingrich on sara palin video stuff  17

quick history lesson – democrats speak out on the war stuff  17

the case against barack obama book stuff  17

president george w bush resignation speech stuff  18

did you know iraqi stuff  21

glenn beck on mccain picking palin  23

public service announcement – rules for nonmilitary folks stuff  26

democrats in trouble stuff  27

final thought stuff  28

explanatory – yet poignant – disclaimer  30


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