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9 August 2008

Stuff 20080810

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Hello Family and Friends:

…another Sunday…


…some Stuff that Seemed Interesting at the Time…

All the best…






This week our curiosity brings us to:


stuff table of contents 1

obama for president – what where they thinking stuff 2

Nobody Wants War. 3

Nobody Wants High Gas Prices  4

Everybody Wants What Everybody Else Has  6

u.s. energy flow stuff 7

my note to rush and sean stuff 7

tidbits from the “religion of peace” stuff 8

savior of socialism starts to layout his manifesto stuff 8

Barack Obama’s Stealth Socialism – Speech to the NAACP   9

did you know stuff 13

communist manifesto stuff 14

really neat science – artificial eyes stuff 17

this is true stuff 18

letter from a cuban on “change” stuff 19

more did you know stuff 20

The Spoiled Children Of Capitalism Stuff 21

profound philosophical perspective stuff 23

know your islam stuff 23

Religious Groupings. 24

Sunni 24

Shi’a. 24

Sufi 25

Ahmaddiya. 26

Political Systems. 26

f-16 versus c-130 stuff 26

you gotta love old people stuff 27

julie andrews turns 50 and sings a great one stuff 28

a little poetry just because stuff 29

final thought stuff 31

explanatory – yet poignant – disclaimer  33


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