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2 August 2008

Stuff 20080803

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Hello Family and Friends:

 …another Sunday…


…some Stuff that Seemed Interesting at the Time…

 All the best…




stuff table of contents

This week our curiosity brings us to:

stuff that seemed interesting at the time   1

stuff table of contents  1

i’ve lost my country and can’t find it stuff  2

barach hussein obama in a nutshell stuff  3

mccain versus obama executive summary stuff  3

Thanks Neal 3

government and God – so be it stuff  3

Thanks Neal 3

teddy roosevelt on immigration stuff  5

“reverend” sharpton defending “reverend” jackson stuff  6

our legal system at its very best – the brian nichols story stuff  8

obama cartoons stuff  9

what you didn’t know about monopoly stuff  10

irish perspective on the election  10

Thanks Roger. 10

On One Side. 11

On The Other Side. 11

the next terrorist attack stuff  11

Thanks MB.. 11

The Evidence of Successful Predictions  11

The Next Predictions. 12

What Can We Do?. 13

Juval Aviv Bio. 13

simple political message stuff  14

gread advice stuff  14

Thanks Paul 14

more obama cartoon stuff  16

bird feeder and government stuff  16

Thanks Bear. 16

permutations versus combinations stuff  17

Whats the Difference?. 18

Permutations. 18

Combinations. 20

In Conclusion. 24

famous insults STUFF  24

obama and he came forth to bring light to the world stuff  25

The London Times. 25


One last Obama cartoon stuff  28

more great instults stuff  28

urine test stuff  29

Thanks Bear. 29

final thought stuff  30

explanatory – yet poignant – disclaimer  31


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