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20 July 2008

Stuff 20080720

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Hello Family and Friends:

…another Sunday…


…some Stuff that Seemed Interesting at the Time…

All the best…


Click on the following link to see this week’s “Stuff”


stuff that seemed interesting at the time   1

stuff table of contents  1

mike monsoor medal of honor winner stuff  2

Thanks Tracy, many Thanks. 2

Mike Monsoor, American Warrior and Hero  2

Video Tribute of Mike Monsoor  2

Footnote: President Bush Awarding the Medal of Honor  2

did you know stuff  3

meet the obamas – the untouchables stuff  4

a new way to measure black holes stuff  6

obama inexperience tough to ignore stuff  7

political party baggage stuff  9

strange animal facts stuff  10

obama planning to ignore the facts stuff  11

lee iacocca on leadership stuff  12

more did you know stuff  14

three cajuns and three yankees stuff  15

Thanks Roger. 15

if only president bush would give this speech stuff  16

chili cook off in texas stuff  17

Thanks Mark. 17

stuff folks have about stuff stuff  19

sheriff joe is at it again stuff  20

Sheriff Joe’s Original Efforts. 20

Sheriff Joe’s Latest Efforts. 21

this is true stuff  22

more stuff folks have said about stuff stuff  23

final thought stuff  24

explanatory – yet poignant – disclaimer  27



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